Who we are

Hello and welcome to JUST creative

One stop shop creative agency

Driven by passion & ideas and fueled by expertise and great know-how, we are providing 360 degree of creative services in both traditional & digital. Our focus is on creating and delivering unique creative & digital solutions to companies, brands, agencies and individuals from all over the world. We work for our clients but also develop our own creative products and multiplatform applications and services which can improve user lifestyle in both online and offline world.

Our approach is holistic

We always love to see the full picture. By exploring the universe of our clients – position, goals, environment, customers we are not just delivering great looking artworks, but sustainable solutions driven by business logic and great ideas & executions.

Convenient & time savvy collaboration – whole agency at your desktop, mobile phone or tablet

We are living & working in more connected and digitized world then ever before. Age of doing business in a traditional way is a past – you don’t need to spend your money and time on calls, travelling, extra expenses etc. – all your need is good brief and your computer, mobile or tablet device and you will have all of use there. We will together like we are in the same room, even thousands of miles can divide us.

Beside our project management tools, we are using services like Skype for conversation, Amazon S3 or Dropbox for data cloud storage, Evernote for sharing ideas and a lot of others. If you are not common with them – don’t wary – we will teach you how to use it in the most comfortable way. We will let you be focus on your business, while we will be there to do our part of the job.

Cost Effective

No matter how big or small your project is, we will be realistic in what we propose, what resources we will allocate and how much it would cost you. We will take great care about managing your expectations and always deliver more than you expect –  ideas and advises how final solution can be improved and how it can affect your business – for good.


We have great office with a small team of superpowerfull and multitalented industry professionals supported by dozens of creatives and tech wizards from all over the world. Agency is lead by award winning Belgrade designer, art & creative director Dejan Miletic and technology guru Goran Rajkovic and followed by several industry veterans and young padawans.

Quick facts:

+ Independent – in ownership and in spirit

+ Senior management not just in for the pitch – we’re involved in every project, no matter how big or small it is.

+ We really got everything under one roof – truly full-service

+ As we grow, we evolve