What we do

Traditional & digital one stop shop creative agency


Whatever your brand is, corporate, retail or personal, we can provide you with strategic and design part. From brand naming, definition, architecture, proposition and positioning to innovation and experimental. From identity design, brand standards and guidelines to collateral design. And all of these integrated in both traditional and digital environments.


Weather package, web, mobile or print – design and visual communication are core of our job. We love it & live it. Personally and professionally. Design services we provide: package, typography, icons, books, magazines, brochures, pos, trade shows, events.


Ads aren’t bad by definition and no consumer wakes up hating them; rather, we marketers have perfected our ability to fill them with half-truths, empty promises, and irrelevant humor. The corporate world spends many billions each year to buy the privilege to tell people things…and then tell them little or nothing that matters.Then we wonder why customers don’t trust advertising anymore?

That is why we as creatives are committed to do it differently – By transforming demographics to customer culture and products to living brands,  we are building engaging stories narrated through integrated traditional and digital channels of communications.

Services we provide (traditional & digital channels): creative direction, art direction, copywrite, communication & strategic planning, story boarding, key visual production (print ads, banners etc).

Web design, UX & development

Today, websites are more important even than business cards. They will help you to present, offer and interact with visitor – in the real time. Thanks to our expertise, know how and ideas, we are producing great looking corporate or brand sites, promotional microsites or web apps. We put great attention to actual industry standards in both front end design and user experience (UX) side. Technology is our good friend for a long time, and that is why transforming ideas and design into fully functional product is quite easy for us. Services: research & planning, web design & UX, web development, prototyping, A/B testing, implementation. Technology we use: php, mySQL, SASS, LESS, CSS3, HTML 5, jQuery, jQuery Mobile. All our sites are CMS driven and fully optimized for mobiles and tablets.

Mobile design, UX & development

Mobile is not a gadget anymore. It is a part of our lifestyle and personal and business habits. Mobile apps are here to create greater experience “on the go”, in virtual and real worlds. Creating an app is related to you imagination, and our job is to make it available to millions of users on Google Play, Apple app store or Windows store. Services: research & planning, app design & UX, development, testing, deployment.

Social media

The power of social media is obvious. Depending on your objectives, we can establish your presence on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Google +, create and manage community strategy, produce social apps and develop great content which will make your target audience say “WOW”.