Online banking launching campaign

Client: KBC Bank
Year: 2008
KBC Bank in Serbia launched new Online banking service with advanced features compared to competition. We were responsible for integrate digital launching campaign.

As key message of campaign was “Be in control of your money. Anytime. Anywhere” – we realized that we should execute digital campaign in the same way – to be present anytime, anywhere.

By smart ads and day-to-day optimization, we used all available channels: display advertising, SEM (Google), Social Media, E mail marketing and for the 1st time in the country Mobile advertising.

For less than 2 months, campaign generated more than 75 mil. impressions and reach 2,3 millions of users what was almost 100% of current online population.

Thanks to Google Double Click tools we exclusively used on the market, we obtained one of the most accurate databases of digital usage in the country.